AirNet 2014-17


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Sindelfingen 2017

Day 1:

First day - First experiences. The day before we all arrived in Stuttgart and our guest familes picked  up at the airport.On Monday we met us at the school to get information about the program in the next few days. Mrs Ludwig and her little students from the Goldberg-Gymnasium played some little music pieces about air. It was a likeable openig for our project meeting.

After this we went by bus to the factory of Daimler AG and had a guided tour with some very interesting facts about the workers, the production and the buildings. The area of the factory in Sindelfingen is bigger than the principality of Monaco.


Back at school the students from Malaga gave instructions to design sky balloons. The most beautiful balloons were priced from the spanish teachers. But we couldn´t launch them.
The students from Kourou prepared revealing presentations about      .

At the end of the day we saw presentations about all the project meetings before and designed banners of each meeting.


Day 2:

The second day in Sindelfingen started with a art workshop prepared from the Barcelona students. We made pictures with bubbles and smoke. For example we light up an incense cone and used an overhead projector as source of light. Some pictures were very amazing and goodlooking.

The second workshop from Dronfield was more technical. It was about Zeppelin - a airship very famous in Germany in the first decades of the 20th Century. We heard about it on the next day. But today the plan was to construct our own Zeppelin with the given material. The Zeppelin should fly in a line and then land soften at the ground. Many different ideas were developed and were implemented. It was a lot of fun.

Three students briefed us in a short presentation about what lichens are and what it have to do with air. After that it was lunchtime in the cafeteria at the school.

In the afternoon we went to Stuttgart by train to see the New Art Museum. We had a guided tour with the content “Air in art”. Many of the shown art projects we had never heard before. After this we had some free time.


Day 3:

In the morning we met us at the school to go by bus to Friedrichshafen at the Lake Constance. It took around 2 1/2 hours to get to the city. It´s a small town near the lake and there existed the main producing factory of the Zeppelin called “Dornier”. When we arrived at the Zeppelin Museum the guide for the tour met us in the big entrance hall. We learned a lot about the history, the manufacturing and the zeppelin as airship. At the end we took part in a workshop about aerodynamic. We did some special experiments and designed a aerodynamical vehicle on paper.


After that we had some time to explore the city of Friedrichshafen. It was very hot and sunny so the view over the Lake of Constance was spectacular.
In the afternoon we drove back to the school by coach and had a great evening with the guest families and a barbecue with all the students.

Day 4:

On Thursday morning the meeting time was very early in front of the school entrance, The coach was waiting for us and we started our travel to Bad Liebenzell on the edge of the Black Forest. In this city the air has a high quality and there exist a health resort. Here we met Mr. Strobel. He is a expert about lichens and prepared a well organised workshop for us.
At the beginning we should search lichens on trees and take fotos of them. We presented our results to all the other groups. Following Mr Strobel explained us the connection between lichens and air quality. Lichens are symbiosis of algae and fungi. But lichens got no protection from air. So some of them can live in areas with air of high quality and some of them in areas with lower quality. This is the reason they use them as indicator of the air quality.


Now we were able to clasify lichens via the information sheet we got from Mr. Strobel. I didn´t know there are so many different kind of lichens. Some of them got very funny names for example “Bartflechte” (Usnea filipednula).

In the afternoon we traveled to Tübingen. A beautiful city in Baden-Württemberg. We had time to discover the old city on our own.

Day 5

This was the last day of the meeting. We started with an awsome workshop about making “air cars”. These are cars powered by air propellers. We only had some stuff like a bottle, a propeller, plastic stripes and so on. We worked in mixed groups and in the end there was a challenge.

After lunch Alicia Wenzel welcomed us in the auditorium of the school. She was our dance coach for this day and we prepared a dance for the final event in the evening. It was not standard dancing or ballet it was free dancing.


After a break at home we all met us in the auditorium of the school for the  final event. All the project students with their guest families and the students and teachers of the school were invited and watched the performane we arranged this day. The dance included music, light effects and the air abjects of Frank Fierke. He is a well-known air performer in this region. It was very spectacular.

After the performane we had a great meal for the evening with some special swabian e.g. Maultaschen, Brezeln or potatoe salad. It was delicious and a great ending of the project meeting.

We had a great time together and so much fun. It´s very sad the short time was over and we had to say goodbye to the people participating at the project.

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