AirNet 2014-17


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Kourou 2015

Day 1:

On Monday we had breakfast at school all together. All the people from Malaga, Barcelona, Drownfield, Sindelfingen and Kourou. We met at 8:30. There we offered our presents to thank the french guiana teacher for organizing this wonderful week. We listened to the speech of the headteacher of the school from Kourou. After Breakfast we came together at the amphitheater for present the first part of our international presentations. We made some international groups with members of different countries. All groupes get a logbook, what was a really good idea but it didn't work the way it should be, because most of the time just one student had the book and no one feels responsibil for it, so the most groupes didn't work a lot with it. We had presentations from Kourou about geometric study of climate, monitoring of airborne dust, cyclone model and how to make home-made kite. Than from Malaga Hurricanes and Tornados and Thunderstorm and volcanic eruptions and kites from Drownfield. The presentations were very interesting but also sometimes we didn't unterstand anything because ist was to silent and often they were a little too long and it was really hard because we had no break. After the presentations we tried to make our own kites, what was very interesting and we really enjoyed it. After we had lunch at school and had some time to make new friends. After lunch we went to our host family to calm down and to pack our things for the afternoon at the beach.

At the afternoon we went to tour Dreyfus - pointe des roches for birdwatching, lite measurement and kite competition. We see a lot of different birds, for example there were skimmers, red knots, ruddy turnstones and shore birds. We had some binoculares to see them better. We talk a lot with all people and tried to find a way to comunicate. We walked along the beach and some people tried out their kites. It was a pitty that the biggest kites didn't work.

We had diner at our host family and stayed the evening there. Some host parents showed us Kourou. The first day was very hard because of the many differences between our cultures, the climate and also the time. The food was very different to and the way how they live. There was so much new we learned on monday. The most of us were very happy with their familys and all of us loved it to be there.


Day 2:

On Tuesday we met at 8:00 am at school in the Amphitheater where first of all the students of Slovenia presented the general information of Slovenia and their school in Idrija. And they also present the process of making a measuring device for exhaust gases.
After that the group from Barcelona had presented us the topic “air under water“ devided in five parts.
Among others they present us the Algoes under water, how humans breathe and how fish breathe and scuba diving.
Then we made a short break before Oliver Tostain, who is from French Guiana, has presented us a 30 minutes long presentation about birds as bioindicators. At the end of his presentation he showed us two bird-nests. One bird-nest was found near the forest of the city and it was only made out of different boughs and the other one that was found in the city had plastic bags and other garbage in it.
After the presentation some students from Kourou continued with the birdhouses survey and showed us some pictures of different bird houses and then how to study bird movements.
After that the students of the Goldberg Gymnasium presesented the topic “air under the aspect of art“. They showed some pictures of sculptures of different artists who all worked with air or tried to show it in different ways.
After the german students some studends of Malaga present what a vacuum is and for what it is useful.
Suitable to the topic a group of the lyceé of Kourou showed an experiment with a vacuum to explain the difference between a pure sound and a complex sound. For that they used an alarm clock and let it ring normally and in a vacuum so that we could hear the difference.
And at the end of the presentations we heared a 20 minutes long drum concert of a man of the Music school of Kourou and some french students.
We finished at 12:40 pm and had a 20 minutes break until 13:00 pm where we could go in the canteen to eat lunch.
After that we worked at school again from 14:00 to 15:30 pm where we first should made an experiment but then instead everybody got a map with the bird houses of the school and everybody got his own bird house to stand next to for 10 to 15 minutes to watch if some birds get out or inside the house.
At 15:30 pm we got in the bus and drived to the mediathek of Kourou where some guides controled our passes and our bags. After that control we drived to the hill where we observed the rocket launch.
The rocket launched at 18:43 pm. While and after the launch we could watch the launching and the distance and height of the rocket and some experts from the space center on some screens. And the bus took us to school at 8 pm again.
So we all were really lucky and exited to see the Ariane launch live. It was a great experience to watch the 50 meters high Ariane rocket with the two satellites from this little distance.

Day 3:

On wednesday first we went to the “montagne des signe”. Like everyday we met us at school. We took all together the bus and were excited for the adventure of today. After a short drive we were at the bottom of the montagne des singes. There we should get together in our international groups. Every group had one or two binoculars to observe birds and other animal. And then we started a three hours hike through the jungle. In our logbook we got some questions which we had to answer and a we had to listen to all the different sounds in the jungle. Then everyday group started one by one. And from this time on until when we were at the bus again it were the most sweatiest hours especially for the persons of Europe. It took us two hours to went to the top. The walk was incredible. We saw a lot of different plants and heard many different sounds from different animals. At the top we met each other and enjoyed the wonderful view. We learned a lot about the flora and fauna in the jungle of French Guiane. After a little break we made our way back to the bus and went to zoo. There we also had to answer questions from our logbook. There we went through the zoo in our international groups. We saw a log of different and very special animals there. For example the parrots live there not in a cage. The zoo was very big and a lot of green space between the different animals. We saw there for example some monkeys, caimans and jaguars. A highlight at the zoo were the suspension bridge which got through the trees. It was very funny to walk on it. After three hours full of animals and a log of new informations about the animals we went back to the school. Then every student went back to their host families. There we relaxed and dressed ourself up for the last programm part of the day. There were a pool party at the house of an girl from Kourou. It was espacially just for all the students from Erasmus +. At 7 pm we met us there and the party started. We danced, laughed, swam and just had a great evening together. We learned a lot of the different dance styles from South America and it was stunnig how the people from French Guiana can dance and Movie their bodies. We had a lot of fun this evening and we got a little closer as a group this evening. The Wohle day was filled with a lot of new informations, a lot of memories and of course with so much fun


Day 4:

On Thursday we went all together to Devils Island, also known in French the "îles du salut". On the Royal Island which is the biggest of the tree islands we had the opportunity to explore the islands in the beauty nowadays and in their interesting history. The islands nicknamed the Devils Island because of the treacherous waters which surround them, or the "Triangle islands" because of their collective shape. The Devils Island were use in the history as a first attempt to deport prisoners to Guiana during the French Revolution. 331 political political opponents and priests who refuse to take the Oath of Obedience to the Constitution are shipped to this area. From 1852 to
1862, 12.780 convicts including those political prisoners are transported over the Atlantic Ocean.

The name "Alfred Dreyfus" is also very famous and cause of he was the first convict to be emprisoned on Guiana in a fortified cell. When we were exploring the islands we couldn't imagine all the deaths and the torture that's happened there in the 18th 19th and even in the 20th century (until ~1950). The beauty of the wild nature on the islands was breathtaking and we all enjoyed eating coconuts, feeding the monkeys, watching the wild animals and taking pleasure of the sea and the plans why learning something about the historical background. The trip to the Devils Island was worth it for everybody and was a delightful andinstructive day where we all  together had much fun.


Day 5:

On friday, we met at 06:45 o'clock at school, so we all were very happy to enjoy our last day together.
The bus drove us to the space center, where we did at first a group photo. After that we had to go through a securite check and than we went to the meeting haul. For us there it was fantastic because we saw a launch on Tuesday and the peopel set there and follwed the datas of the rocket. There we saw at first a film about general informations from the space center. After the film, a man showed us a presentation about meteologie. He told us, which weather datas have to be fufilled that the launching can start. Herefore there is a big screen in the haul. All lights have to be on green that the launch can start.
To check the weather datas they send a weather balloon in the sky, whih sends the datas in the space centerto show that the datas are ok and the launch can start or not.
After these very intersting presentation, we took the bus again and he drove us through the space areal. At first we stoped at a field where we also launch a weather balloon. It was very intersting to saw this launch.
After the launch, we drove to the launch pad Ariane and Soyuez. Here the rockets were launched. Because we saw on Tuesday a launching from Ariane, it was so cool to saw the whole area. After visit the space center, the bus took us back to the school, where we enjoyed a typical french guiana meal.
After the meal we discuss our logbooks, in which we wrote the whole week the things, which we did and discuss about the good and bad things from the week.
For the end of the working in the school, we did an evalution where we summarised the whole week and the things, which we've learned.
So the program in the school ends but in the evening we took part in the overnight event. There we slept in hamacs in the jungel and enjoyed a very typical french guiana meal.
The overnight event was a very cool part for us because there we had a very good time.
The days were so intersting and we all would never forget this time in french guiana because it was for all a very good experience.


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