AirNet 2014-17


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Day 1: Arrival Day


Day 2: Presentations

This Saturday was the first day of the Erasmus-Project with a program:  we had to give  our presentations on  the theme “air”.

The presentations of the English pupils was about “air” in  general and flying objects. The presentations from Malaga were amongst other topics about air pollution. We presented the topic about air liquefaction and aerodynamic objects.

The presentations from Barcelona were about sound transmission in the air, the ear and three music instruments, namely the trumpet, the clarinet and the piano. Moreover, there was one presentation about the effects of music on  our concentration.

And at last the presentations of the Slovenians were about filters against air pollution and quadrocopters.

In the break, we met and got to know our fellow students better. They were really frank and friendly and we could speak with them very well.

Conclusion :

This was the first day of the Erasmus-Project. We learnt a lot about the theme “air” and met many new and friendly people.

Day 2: Aerospace Museum

On this day we were  at the „National Space Centre“ at Belgrave in  Leicester.  The Space Centre offered a lot of information on space,  for example that Russians were the first people in space but the Americans were the first people on a celestial body.

We also  learned something about the planets in our solar system and their  discoverer, as well as the satellites  in the orbit around the earth. In the Space Center there was also a model of a module of the ISS, where I was able to go in.

A big attraction was the tower of  the Space Centre, because in the tower of the Space Centre were two big real rockets. And one was equipped with a simulator which imitated a rocket being launched into space.

Also in the tower was an simulator where we could go in and simulate the launch of a rocket with one  person  in the control centre and another person in  the rocket.

In a little cinema we could watch the first science fiction film about the story from Jules Verne in which  the humans fly to the moon.

But the best thing in the Space Centre was a planetarium with a film on the question: „Are we alone in space?“. We have learned much about and the possibilities to find extraterrestrials and  to communicate with them. It was really interesting and good to understand.

The last programme item  on this day was to go bowling in Sheffield. This was also really cool and very funny.


Day 4: Work at school

In the morning we had to build groups of five or six people and had to draw a quadricopter based on the things we learned on Monday about it. The best one should be built by the pupils of Slovenia at their school.

We learned that the quadricopter has to be light and has to have four rotors which are rotating in different directions. Two of the rotors have to rotate to the left and two rotors have to rotate to the right. You have to arrange the rotors alternately with a rotor rotating to the left and next to it a rotor rotating to the right. That´s the best way to build a quadricopter.

After that we had to build paper airplanes and find out which shape flies best. We noticed that an airplane which is light, which has huge wings and which is shaped like a triangle (pointed at the front and getting bigger at the back) flies farthest.

In the afternoon we heard a presentation by a man who told us something about parachutes. As he finished we had to build a parachute of our own  in a group with the material he had given us before. Everyone had to try to build a parachute which flies longest.

After that we tested every parachute and we saw that a parachute which should glide really long has to have a large parachute so that it gets a drag which is as high as possible.

In the end we had to choose one of the paper airplanes and had to reconstruct it out of plastic bags and wooden sticks. We had to tie a cord to  the airplane so we could pull it like a kite.  The next day we had to test if they were  really flying and which one flew  best.

Today we learned a lot about lift and drag. We learned which shape is the best to fly farthest and which one is the best to fall down slowest.


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