AirNet 2014-17


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Barcelona 2016

Day 1:

We arrived at school in the morning and met us in the big music classroom. First at all we had a big welcome of the students from Barcelona and the teacher Mr. Kaschner. We were very interested about the program of the week.
The start was the presentation and workshop of the students from Dronfield. The topic was the balls in airflow and the Bernoulli effect. We did some very exciting  experiments.


After that we had a workshop with Daniella. Shes a opera singer and coached us in beeing a choir. At the beginning we did voice training with very nice exercises. In the second workshop in te afternoon we started with the songs “You are the sunshine of my life” and “Let the sunshine in” pairing with the subject of the project.

Simultaneous there was one more workshop. It was about making stopmotion videos with the art teacher Mrs Kraft.

Before and after lunch we listened to the presentation of the Malaga school and Idrija. The slowenian school prepared a presentation about how to construct a quadcopter.

Day 2:

On Wednesday all Erasmus+ Students came to school at 8.00 a.m. The students from Kourou started their presentations. The topics of the presentations were: The dust from Sahara in French Guiana, Asthma, Hovercraft, Analysis of the results of the Weather Balloon and the Thermic Exchange.

After that the whole Erasmus+  Group had a Body Percussion Workshop with Santi. We studied the dance moves for the concert on Friday evening. The whole Group had a 20 minute break, meanwhile the Idrija-Group cut the stop-motion movies, which some students prepared the day before.


At 10.45 a.m. we (the Sindelfingen-Group) presented their topic: The Savonius rotor. Two of us said something about the Biography of Sigurd Savonius, the inventor of the rotor, two others explained how it works while another part of our group talked about the history and the use of the rotor. The last two of our Group told how we build the Savonius rotor ourself, during a "P-Tag" in Germany and they also showed a short film about how the process went and how "our" rotor looked at the End. After the presentations, which ended at about 12.20 p.m., we had a 20 minutes break till a.m..

When the break ended, the second part of the Body percussion Workshop with Santi began. There we again practiced our dance for the concert on Friday. At 1.30 p.m. the lunch break started and we all went to the cafeteria, where we got our lunch which included lentil soup, a potato bake with a piece of meat and a yoghurt. The break lasted 45 minutes longer than usual, because we had a longer break this time.


At 3.00 p.m. the second Workshop started, but this time we prepared our songs with the band in the assembly hall. Of course with the help of the music teacher: Daniella Rieger-Bhm. At the same time the school band rehearsed with Mr. Kaschner. We also practiced how to line up and bow for the show. Each song was rehearsed for about 4 times and Mrs. Rieger-Bhm told us how to move to the two songs: Let the sunshine in and You are the sunshine of my life. At 4.30 p.m. the Workshop was over and our Host-families picked us up from school and that was the end of the "school day" on Wednesday.


Day 3:

On this day the plan was to travel to the Costa Brava to see the landscape and to do a workshop in marine biology. When we arrived at the beach we went down to the sea and get a short introduction of the day. First at all we changed our clothes and dressed a diving suit. In a low part of the sea we could try how to snorkel. We were divided in groups so the assistants could keep an eye of every student.


Now we had the chance to see the life under the ocean seaface. It was fantastic but very very cold. We were lucky to wear the diving suit. Never thought about that big number of diversity in the sea near the beach.

After that we had a walk along the beachside to see how the cliffs look like. Its a very beautiful part of Catalonia.


Day 4:

On Friday we went by bus to the city center of Barcelona. Here we could find the ancient part of the city. Mr. Kaschner was our guide for today and told us detailed information about the places of interests in the town. We were able to see la Placa de Catalunya, las Ramblas and the Barri Gotico. For lunch we stayed at a typical tapasbar with delicious tapas.


In the afternoon we went back to school by bus and joint the rehearsal for the evening event. The plan was to present all our results from the workshops (dancing, stopmotion video and the choir) in a big show at the school. Invited guests were our guest families, the students of the school and the exchange students from Berlin and Freiburg. We met us in the audience hall at 6 0’clock. The big band of the school started the show with the typical sound. Than our choir of the students and teachers participating in the project sang the studied songs and we presented the dance from Santi. Additional the students from Barcelona presented two performances. Referring to the show we launched balloons with wishes to the EU.

After the event we had dinner in the cafeteria with all the invited guests and had a party at the end. It was a very marvelous evening.


Day 5:

Saturday morning at the school was a flea market. So we watched it and concentrated in the computer room later. Here we did a evaluation form and wrote the reports of this meeting. Sadly it was the last day here.

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